Arts High School Scholarship Program

The purpose of this portal is to enable you to complete your Scholarship Application and submit all supporting information online.  Please note you must be majoring in one of the following:

Advertising, Architecture, Art Studies, Dance, Digital Art, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Media Design, Interior Design, Journalism, Music, Professional Writing, Radio/TV/Film, Studio Art, Theater Arts.

If you believe your major is in the study of the arts but is not included on this list, please contact our office by email: info@spicewoodarts.org.

How to get started

Before you can do anything you must Register to use this portal.  Please go to the Student Registration link on the left.

After Registering you can return here any time you wish and use the Student Login link on the left.

How your application will be scored

Before you begin completing the application, please look at the Scoring Criteria link on the left.

This chart outlines the specific criteria of how your application will be scored.

Please keep these criteria in mind when completing your application in order to increase the number of points your application receives.


Registration for 2020 scholarships is now closed.

Good luck to our Applicants!