What is our Scholarship Program?

Every year, Spicewood Arts awards six $1500 scholarships to local area high school seniors who are pursuing a degree in the Arts.  These scholarships go to both Lake Travis and Marble Falls high school seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or better, who:

•  have shown a concentration in their study of art classes throughout high school
•  provide numerous examples of their work/projects in the field of the arts
•  competed in local, state-wide, and/or national competitions within their area of the arts
•  come highly recommended from their teachers and community leaders, and
•  share a passionate explanation of how they plan to incorporate the arts into their personal careers.

Once selected, these recipients join our Spicewood Arts scholarship alumni group and are monitored regularly to ensure they are meeting the standards outlined in the arts high school scholarship.  Upon meeting criteria outlined for our college students, alumni are able to apply for additional scholarship funds through Spicewood Arts for their sophomore, junior and senior years of college.  They also have the opportunity of participating in Spicewood Arts sponsored events, can be paired with mentors in their field of study, and demonstrate intentionality in their study of the arts translating into a professional career.  Our goal is not to merely award money, but to play a transformational role in guiding and enriching the lives of our alumni from students into young professionals.

Please note that while we receive great pleasure in awarding our scholarships, we also have a fiduciary responsibility to our donors.  A scholarship is not classified as a gift; it is a conditional agreement between two parties, as there are qualifications and criteria to applying for, receiving and maintaining a scholarship, with the expectation of definable services on some set schedule as a condition of payment.  As a fiduciary responsibility to our donors, scholarships awarded may be terminated if recipients fail to maintain the requirements outlined by the scholarship criteria.  This termination would result in a cease to any remaining disbursements associated with the scholarship award and/or asked to return disbursements should the recipient fail to designate a degree in the Arts as their intent upon enrollment.