Instructions on Completing Application Form

After you have logged in, you are taken immediately to your profile page which is also the Arts Scholarship Application Form.  If you are not redirected to your profile, click Student Login on the left menu then click the image above your name.

If you click the + sign at the top you can upload a cover photo to personalize your application although this is not required.

Click on the graphic to the left of your name to upload a photo of yourself although this is not required.

You may also see a small section where you can say a few words about yourself if you wish.

Start the Application

Clicking the gear wheel to the right of your name brings up a small menu.

My Account – enables you to change your username, email address and password.

Edit Profile – enables you to commence completing the Application Form

The form is in 6 sections and most of the form does not require further instructions.  By placing your cursor over ?, help is available.


Select only one subject.  If you believe your major is in the study of  arts but is not included on this list, please contact our office via email:   Please upload a copy of our response when completing the Application.

Contact Information

Your name and email address is pre-loaded.  Please complete the remaining information

School and Personal Information

As with all information you provide in this form, the personal information is only shared with our board of directors and site administrator.

Important – you will not be able to update your application until you have completed the previous information.

Upload Sections 

There are 7 sub-sections for uploads.  Sections 1 and 7 are required.  You may choiose which sections to upload examples of your work to from 2 to 6.  You may submit examples of work to all sections.

We believe we have covered all the formats you may wish to use in the different upload fields.  However if you are unable to upload a file in the required format please contact us at

If uploading more than five photos  please put into a PDF file and upload as one.  PDF files are preferred but you may use a zip file instead.

Self Scoring of Application

This section will not appear until you check the box to continue.

Final Check and Signature

This section will not appear until you have fully completed the Self Scoring section above.

Please ensure that you have completed everything before signing and dating.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

You may update your profile at any point and go back to complete later.

TO SAVE YOUR WORK BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM AND CLICK ‘UPDATE PROFILE’.  If it does not save, scroll up and see which sections highlighted in red require completion before you can update.